Stickler Laser Gloss

Stickler Laser Gloss is a high quality cast coated label paper. Its high gloss, smooth finish with a mirror look appearance is designed for even ink absorbtion for optimum print results.

Print processes:

Stickler Laser Gloss boasts excellent printing properties, with shorter ink drying time, high tensile strength and opacity. Stickler Laser Gloss is perfect for trouble free printing, and is compatible with all printing methods such as letterpress, offset, flexography, silkscreen, hot foil stamping, UV varnishing, and thermal transfer printing.



Face Material:

PropertiesTest MethodResult
GrammageISO 53680 g/m2
CaliperISO 53488 microns



LT1 – Laser Tac 1 LT1

is a permanent acrylic adhesive, emulsion water based, offering a perfect combination of initial tack and adhesive strength, and an outstanding adhesion to most substrates. LT1 is a multipurpose adhesive suitable for laser printing applications and high converting speeds. Recommended for use on smooth, curved substrates with a diameter > 30mm.

PropertiesTest MethodResult
Peel adhesion (N/25mm)FTM 1≥8.8
Initial tack (N/25mm)FTM 9≥ 4.9
Cohesion (h)FTM 8≥3
Minimum application temperature5°C
Service temperature-20°C to +70°C



Uncoated white kraft paper with a high quality clay coating for good dimensional stability, density, and lay flat properties. Consistent thickness and excellent strength for die cutting.

PropertiesTest MethodResult
CaliperISO 53487 microns
GrammageISO 53682 gsm


Shelf life:

2 years when stored in its original packaging, at 23 °C and 50% relative humidity. Do not expose to direct sun light. The substrate should be free of dust and lubricant before application. Any unused portion should be rewrapped in the original packaging. This product should be tested thoroughly under use conditions to ensure it meets the requirements of the specific application.

Oji Label have tested this product and believe the results to be reliable for the above technical information and recommendations. However, it is not a guarantee and warranty since the products are used outside of Oji Labels control, and can take no responsibility for any damage or consequences that may occur when using this product. Oji Label do not authorise any parties to give such guarantee or warranty. Above technical information and recommendations are subject to change without prior notice.