Stickler Fluoro RP1001

Stickler Fluoro’s are fluorescent woodfree papers used primarily for visual recognition. Available in 5 colours: green, yellow, orange, pink and red.


Recommended for promotional, pricing, advertising and hazard labels. Also suitable for thermal transfer printing.

Print process:

Suitable for different printing systems: letterpress, flexo, offset and gravure. Also for

thermal transfer with selected ribbons.



Face Material:

PropertiesTest MethodResult
GrammageISO 53670 g/m2
CaliperISO 53477 microns


RP1001 Rubber Based Extra Permanent A rubber based extra Permanent adhesive designed with high tack and adhesion, particularly on difficult and apolar substrates (PE,PP). Improved recipe for high speeed converting.

CompositionRubber based Extra Permanent
Direct sunlight resistanceExcellent
CohesionVery high
Application Temperature °C0°C minimum
Service Temperature °C-10 to +70 °C
Tack FTM 916 N/Inch?
Ultimate adhesion FTM29 N/Inch



YG – 1 side siliconised super-calendered white glassine

Grammage65 g/m2
Caliper56 microns
Transparency> 45%




Laminate Shelf Life24 months stored at 20°C/50% RH
Typical laminate caliper151+/-6 ums             ASTM D374-88
Total weight155+/- 6                   RIT.PP-032


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