OLT Cast Gloss

OLT Cast Gloss uses high gloss, cast coated label paper intended for premium quality promotional and point of sales labelling. A label paper is designed to give excellent conversion and dispensing due to its relatively high rigidity, care should be taken when labelling curved surfaces

Premium quality promotional and point of sales labelling.



Applications: Print process:

OLT Cast Gloss can be printed by rotary and flat-bed letterpress, flexography, offset and screen processes. Foil blocking, varnishing and thermal transfer are also possible using suitable inks and ribbons.

Face Material:

PropertiesTest MethodResult
GrammageISO 53680 g/m2
CaliperISO 53486 microns
BrightnessISO 247088%
SmoothnessISO 5627190 sec/10ml


C58 Cold Temperature Permanent A water bourne acrylic emulsion with excellent initial and final tack. A superior cold temperature adhesive with superior adhesive force where condensation is present. Adheres easily with minimal pressure. C58 is suited to smooth consistent surfaces such as glass, stainless steel, and PET.

Water based acrylic
Initial tackFTM 96.9 N/25mm
Peel adhesionFTM 111.8 N/25mm
CohesionFTM 8>3
Minimum application temperature-20°C to +40°C
Service temperature-40 to +70°C
Food contact
Direct contact for dry non-fatty foods


WG white glassine backing allows high speed conversion and consistent dispensing on a wide range of equipment. Properties

PropertiesTest MethodResult
GrammageISO 53662 g/m2
CaliperISO 53453 microns
OpacityISO 247160%


Laminate shelf life – 24 months stored at 20°C/50% RH

Typical laminate caliper – 158 microns

The substrate should be free of dust and lubricant before apply. Please use once unwrapped, if stock is to be returned to the storage shelf please ensure stock is wrapped and bagged to prevent surface dust and contamination. This product should be tested thoroughly under use condition to ensure it meets the requirements of the specific application.

Base upon issue date circumstance Oji Label have tested products to be believed a reliable result the above technical information and recommendation. However it is not a guarantee & warranty since the products are used outside of Oji Label control, so we cannot take responsibilities for damage or consequence may occur when using the product.