Manter Tintoretto Gesso Ultra

Wet strength natural, pure cellulose paper, felt textured on both sides. Supplied with a unique co-extruded PE film designed to improve stability, labelling and application performance.


Recommended for wine label production where a slight felt finish embossing is preferred. Produced with wet strength fibre composition for performance in ice/water bucket, and areas where condensation is high.



Face Material:

PropertiesTest MethodResult
Grammageg/m2115 g/m2
CaliperMicron150 microns
Opacity (dry/wet)%90 / 77
Opacity variation%14
Tear strengthKN/m6,2/2,7


SH 6020 Plus Permanent Acrylic Adhesive

Permanent acrylic adhesive. Strong Initial adhesion, high tack and good cohesion. Suitable for all-purpose applications on wet surfaces at low temperatures. Excellent resistance to ice water.

Properties TestMethod
TackFTM 9> 12
Cohesion(h) 1kg FTM 8> 2
Application temperature (min)°C> +5°C
Service temperature (min)°C> -10°C
Service temperature (max)°C75°C


CB80 Super calendared white glassine paper

Backing paper designed for automatic label generation

Grammage80 gsm
 Caliper68 microns


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