Digital finisher

Digital Printing Finisher GE-DDLF330


Low Cost technology for high quality production. Short web path, mobile unit can be placed just about anywhere, extremely quite when in operation. Technology is designed to suit low skilled operator, easy setup, short web path electronic HMI user friendly system.


Digital Printing Finisher GE-DDLF330 is a die cut label finisher produced from Gulmen Engineering. Produce your best pre-cut blank labels or any other label.

  • Maximum Web Width 330mm
  • Unwind Roll Max OD: 350
  • Rewind Roll Max OD: 350mm
  • Laminate Boll Max OD: 350mm
  • Pneumatic Expandable Shaft Rewind
  • Conical Lock Laminate Shaft
  • Conical lock Laminate Shaft
  • 3 Phase Power (20 amp supply reguired)
  • Maximum Speed Up to 18 mts / min( refer operator manual – repeat:length/speed chart
  • Semi Rotary Die Cutting: 19″Mag Cylinder
  • Minimum Die Cutting Repeat :70mm
  • Maximum Die Pepeat : 433mm
  • Die Cutting Registration: +/-0.5mm
  • Digital Label Counter
  • Razor Slitting Knives: 5
  • Trim Removal Guides
  • 6 Bar Compressed Air Required


  • Reel to Reel die cutting digital printing finisher 
  • Reel to Sheet die cutting and collecting (optional)
  • Quick set up Razor Slitting
  • Short based portable digital semi rotary/counter/slitter/finisher All In-One
  • This printing finisher is Suited for labels, tags and short run packaging.
  • Quick set up time
  • Low waste
  • Low overhead cost effective
  • ROI Option to use existing flexible plate die
  • Distortion adjustment by electronic compensation
  • Pre-set slow down stopping
  • Heavy duty frame

This digital printing finisher machine GE-DDLF330 is designed to operate with bench top printers and larger industrial Label printers. HP Indigo, Xeikon, Epson, Konica Minolta, Neo Mercury, Screen, Colordyne 3600, Colordyne 2800, Colordyne 1600 and all other brands.

Come and see us at Gulmen Digital in our show room for a live demonstration with full printing and cutting exhibition to see the results yourself


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