Fluorescent Paper Green, Orange, Red, Yellow


Fluorescent Paper is a one side coated Fluorescent paper label, available in green, orange, red and yellow. The paper is suitable for general label applications including Barcode labels, shelf racking labels and general self-adhesive labels.
Reel 400 Meters

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Face MaterialTest MethodResult
DensityISO53675 g/m2
CalliperISO53476 micron
Liner MaterialTest MethodResult
DensityISO53660 g/m2
CalliperISO53454 micron
MaterialWhite Glassine Paper
AdhesiveWater based Acrylic – permanent
CertifiedIndirect food contact.
Shelf life12 months stored at 20° C/50% RH

Storage and handling

  • 12 months shelf life when stored at 20°C, 50% relative humidity.
  • Reels must be transported and stored son a protected surface, i.e. core support or end stacked.
  • Use caution when lifting and placing a reel into the printer.

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13cm, 21.5cm, 33.3cm


Green, Orange, Red, Yellow