Clear PET overlaminate film with a clear permanent emulsion acrylic adhiesive.
Treated with a platinum-based silicone to facilitate smooth and quiet unwind. Ideal for label and tags produced in office setting where quiet unwind is required and for multi-ply labels where an easy release is required and in applications requiring graffiti resistance.

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894 Clear Easy Release Polyester Overlaminate

Features and Applications

  • Excellent acid, chemical, oil and scuff resistance.
  • Provides stability, durability and UV protection.
  • Ultra aggressive adhesive for demanding label applications.
  • Silent unwind is ideal for office setting digital printers.

Physical Properties

  • Release – Coating Easy Release Treatment
  • Film – 0.48 mil Clear Polyester (PET)
  • Adhesive – 0.40 mil High Grade Clear Emulsion Acrylic
  • Total – Construction 0.88 mil +/- 10%

Typical Technical Values

Film Haze
Value: 4%
Test Method: ASTM D1003;

Adhesion to Steel
Value: 23 oz/in 30 min conditioning
Test Method: 180 ̊ peel at 12 in/min;
Value: 27 oz/in 24 hr conditioning
Test Method: 180 ̊ peel at 12 in/min, ASTM D3330/D3330M-04;

Unwind Adhesion
Value: 0.5 oz/in 30 min conditioning
Test Method: 180 ̊ peel at 12 in/min, ASTM D3811/D3811M-96;

Application Temperature Range
Value: 32 ̊F to 150 ̊F;

Operating Temperature
Value: 0 ̊F to 300 ̊F

Roll Tolerances

Roll Length +/- 5%;
Roll Width +/- 0.0625 in (1/16th in);

Storage and Handling

  • Two years when stored at 70˚F and 50% relative humidity.
  • Rolls must be transported and stored on protected surfaces.
  • Use caution when placing or removing roll from mandrel.

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS, RoHS2, REACH, TSCA, Toy Safety Standard ASTM F963,
CEPA, CONEG, California Proposition 65, FDA 21 CFR 177.1630