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  • Labelmate LD 100 U Label Dispenser

    Labelmate LD 100 U Label Dispenser

    Labelmate LD-100-U is an automatic label dispenser specially designed to reduce the amount of time traditionally spent in manually peeling and applying labels.
    The LD-100-U uses a new “state of the art” reflective detector that allows the machine to dispense all types of labels, including transparent and opaque labels. This unit also utilizes a compact photoelectric sensor with optic-fibre cable to automatically advance the next label for picking.

  • LABELMATE RRS-8-12 Label Splicing Package

    Labelmate RRS-8-12 Label Splicing Package

    Money-saving Label Splicing System with Splicing Table, Rewinder and Unwinder!
    Here is a wonderful new solution for splicing label rolls. These turnkey packages allow you to splice one roll of labels onto another in order to make a larger roll from two smaller ones or to change label types during a production run.

  • LabelMate MINI CAT MC 10A

    Mini-Cat MC-10A LabelMate

    Package Contents
    • MC-10A Rewinder Unit
    • AC-DC Adapter (Power Supply Module)
    • Plastic Bag with 3-metal Fins, 6-Screws for the Fins, 6-Lockwashers, 1-hook-shaped Bail (BAIL-MC10A), and the User Manual

    Max. Label Width: 4.5 inches (115-mm)
    Max. Label Roll Weight: 8.5 lbs. (3.9 kg)
    Max. Label Roll Size: Up to 8.5 inches (215-mm)
    Speed: Adjustable up to 15-ips (380-mm/sec)
    Start/Stop: ON/OFF/ON Direction Switch
    Power Supply: Voltage-selectable AC/DC Adapter 120vac 60Hz
    UL & CSA Listed (230vac 50Hz available)