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  • Digital Label Printer Konica Minolta AccurioLabel 190

    Digital Label Printer Konica Minolta AccurioLabel 190

    The global label market continues to expand by the day with the prospect of further stable growth in the future. The ratio of demand for digital labels is increasing year by year, giving rise to a trend of growing demand for small-lot printing

    Why Digitise Label Printing?

    As the number of high-mix low-volume print jobs continues to increase, print companies now find themselves in a position where they also need to be able to cope with orders with shorter lead times than with conventional high-volume printing. Printing demands that were difficult to cope with using analogue printers can now be handled efficiently thanks to the flexibility that is one of the advantages of digital printing. The added value that digital printers provides for tasks such as variable and numbering printings enables print companies to realise product differentiation amidst diversifying market needs.

  • Digital Printing Finisher CF2

    Digital Printing Finisher CF2

    The new CF2 Compact Digital Finishing is a fully servo driven machine for finishing of digital printed labels. The machine is a compact version of our DCL2Converting Line. The CF2 has a more compact design and smaller foot print but we are using the same high-tech components as on the full version.


    Intelligent unwind unit:

    • Built in measuring system of mother roll and automatic set up of web tension throughout the machine
    • Lift for heavy rolls available

    Drive system:

    • Latest servo technology for full web control
    • Machine in solid construction and perfectly balanced


    • Modern QC/flexo station with no tools needed at change of jobs
    • Spot varnish and overprinting UV/IR
    • Cold foil lamination
    • Rotary / semi-rotary versions

    Die cutting:

    • Semi-rotary high-speed version up to 70 m/min [230 ft/min]
    • Rotary version with Grafotronic Q-LOAD Quick Loading system for magnetic cylinders
    • Rotary version with speed of 180 m/min [590 ft/min]

    Slitting system:

    • The revolutionary WIFI-SLITTING automatic knife positioning system
    • The System position the full set of shear cut knives within 10 seconds
    • Razors and standard shear knives also available

    Rewind unit:

    • Semi-turret: turret for rolls up to 420 mm [16,5″] in turret mode or 600 mm [24″] on 1 shaft
      AUTOCUT automatic web cutting and start of new cycle
    • Single & Dual rewind: for label and mono film materials with perfect and automatic tension control
      For rolls up to 600 mm [24″]

    Rewind shafts:

    • No more keys or tools and multiple screws to turn to be able to change the rewind shafts.
    • With the new Q-SHAFT you turn 1 handle 180 degrees.
    • Q-SHAFT is quick, easy and hassle free.
  • Hi speed CMYK inkjet 1600 C

    Hi speed CMYK inkjet 1600 C

    1600 SERIES C
    Efficient, accurate and cost effective solutions for print on demand applications.
    On demand secondary labeling and AIDC applications have never been easier with the Hi speed CMYK inkjet 1600 C. The Platform offer fast, flexible and scalable solutions, perfect for reducing cost and eliminating pre-printed label inventories. In one convenient step, the 1600 Series C produces high quality process color labels and tags and integrates variable data – allowing for brand owners, private label manufacturers
    and label converters to print exactly what the job calls for, large or small.

    The 1600 Series C can be easily set up for the following printing formats: roll-to-roll, roll-to-cut and fan fold; making for quick set-up and change-over between jobs.
    Seamlessly merge designs and layouts with text, images, barcodes and database information to handle the needs of security packaging, tracking, personalization and micro-segmentation.

  • Labelmate LD-100-RS-SS Power Label Dispenser

    Labelmate LD-100-RS-SS Power Label Dispenser

    Labelmate LD-100-RS-Stainless Steel Label Dispenser


    Labelmate LD-100-RS-Stainless Steel is an automatic label dispenser specially designed to reduce the amount of time traditionally spent in manually peeling and applying labels.
    The LD-100-RS-Stainless Steel uses the latest “opto-electronic technology” so there is just one simple adjustment for label length. A special Reflective Sensor sits below the label and reliably and accurately senses the leading edge of your label. As you pick up a label, the next one is automatically and instantly advanced.

    The modern design presents the label right at the front of the machine, providing optimum convenience for both left-handed and right-handed operators.

    The LD-RS-SS model is manufactured from high grade stainless steel, which makes it resistant to moisture and ideal for humid or damp environments.

    The LD-100-RS-Stainless Steel is an ideal space saving unit that can satisfy the needs of a variety of small and medium business such as food and beverage, manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, among others.

    This is a convenient and durable machine that can help you to increase the number of products, containers, packages etc. that can label during your work shifts.


    • Easy to set up. Just slide your roll of labels onto the built-in Core Holder. Then thread the label web through to the take-up spindle and your Label Dispenser is ready for use.
    • Rugged, heavy-gauge steel construction and precision parts yield products of the highest quality.
    • Easy access to dispensed labels.
    • Equally convenient for right and left handed operators.
    • Works with labels as short as 1/4.
    • Small footprint.
    • Designed for all-day, every-day use.