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  • GD 330 Digital label finisher

    GD 330 Digital label finisher

    GD 330 Digital label finisher

    Pony Die Cutter Slitter Rewinder
    Unwind magnetic brake
    Electronic web guide
    Splicing table
    Label counter
    Full rotary die cutting station
    Matrix rewinder station
    Rotary Shear knife top and bottom standard 8 units
    Dual Shaft top and bottom standard 76mm
    Optional – 25.4mm/38mm/40mm/50mm

  • GD 240 Digital label DIE Cutter

    GD240 Digital label DIE-Cutter

    Simple, Convenient, High-efficiency!
    A specialised solution for digital label finishing.

    • Fast and high precision with full-servo motor.
    • Can be synchronised online with label printer.
    • Lamination, die-cutting, waste removing, slitting.
    • Double cutting heads – the distance between each head can be automatically adjusted to suit the printed labels across the web.
    • Track sensor (German brand SICK) can track a single eye mark or double eye mark.
    • ntelligent cutting with trajectory optimisation.