We have Wasatch, easy to use software RIP color management system which is future proof, high-tech, and covering all legislatives best in digital imaging business. Gulmen Digital sells software for digital coding on all objects and sounds.

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  • Anytron RIP

    Anytron RIP

    Anytron RIP is based on Harlequin RIP and was designed specifically for printing labels. It provides exceptionally fast and efficient rendering for high-volume printing. Easy to integrate into your workflow it is proven to be the fastest renderer available, with no compromise on quality, enabling you to achieve rated engine speed with less processing power. And it makes it possible for you to minimize the hardware and development costs of for your frontend, shorten development cycles and get your printed matter to market quicker.

  • Wasatch


    Barcode-driven workflow, support for image file formats used in direct-to-garment printing, and new management tools for shops that run multiple shifts, are some of the new features in Wasatch SoftRIP.


    Wasatch creates innovative products that help different users achieve different goals. No matter what digital imaging business you’re in, how large or complex your production environment is, or what your printing objectives are, Wasatch has the solution for you.

    Read more about how Wasatch can help you achieve your printing goals by clicking on the links below. You can also read our success stories to learn how users are succeeding with SoftRIP’s specialized imaging solutions!