Water may differ source to source. There is always tolerance in terms of nutrition, PH balanced, in general hydration properties. If you are looking to gain in all these properties and many more you then need to look into ikuro black water. When it comes to hydrational and nutritional water then this product is up there with the best. Filled with high quality minerals has great effect bodily strength and stamina. Being alkaline hence ensures your body remains in the perfect PH balance. In general, ikuro water will leave you feeling good while keeping healthier. It also lacks any harmful elements such as fluorine and chlorine.

As the name suggests ikuro has a distinctive black color making it look unique. However, uniqueness does not stop there. It is also alkaline making it favorable for the body’s PH balance. It also has more mineral count than your standard bottled water. This makes it a unique superior beverage containing tons of minerals, amino acids, nutrients, and electrolytes. These properties combine to give you an overall boost in performance.

Benefits of iKuro Black Water

1. It helps you workout

A vigorous workout will often strip you of electrolytes. These essential ‘minerals’ have a role to play in the stimulation of your muscles and nerves. Without them, your body loses its balance and you tend to feel lethargic. In serious causes, lack of electrolytes can lead to some serious health issues such as loss in cellular function and high blood pressure. Ikuro black water helps to replenish electrolytes after strenuous activities. Also, the beverage rehydrates. Combining these two factors will lead to a burst of energy that will see you tackle the hardest of tasks.

2. It helps you detox

Every day we take up impurities that our body will eventually dissipate. Such impurity can cause lifelong problems if they are left to go unchecked. This is where iKuro Black water would come in. It is very intolerant to chemicals, heavy metals, and toxins that make up the majority of the impurities in the human body. Ikuro is about twenty times more effective at removing impurities than standard bottled water. Ikuro may cure hangover – try it you will not be disappointed!

3. It is rich in minerals

iKuro Black Water has one of the richest mineral counts of any bottled water in the market. These minerals are essential to any human. Having these minerals at the right amount can help you remain healthy for a long time. They boost the cell count of an individual making it easier to restore one to good health. This drink also has essential fatty acids and antitoxins that have several benefits such as slowing down the aging process.

4. It helps people with sensitive intestine? Bowl?

People who suffer from a chronic gastro-intestinal disease such as ulcers often suffer whenever they take acidic foods. Such people often have to watch what they eat. In some severe cases, some of these people cannot even drink water with low PH. If you are such a person then iKuro Black Water is the drink for you. The alkaline product prevents discomfort when drinking the whole bottle.

5. PESTER POWER…mum,mum I want it!!!!
Sick of your kids drinking sugar colas? Well now here is the best alternative for kids bringing back healthy habits…SPARLKING ikuro ,no doubt with its black appearance and NO natural sweeteners is the solution all parents have been looking for. Now we can all drink to that.